The Big O Single

$ 15.41
Postage: One Product - $9.95 or Multiple Products - $14.95
The Big O Single
The BigO is the big brother to the original vibrating ring with a multi-function motor that pulsates and vibrates and a thicker erection band that keeps him hard and ready to go. When switched to pulsation mode the 9-function stimulation sensation teases and tickles leaving her tingling – and with a quick switch bring her home with the steady powerful vibration that The Screaming O is famous for!
Voted “Top Pick” by Dr. Sue Johanson of “Talk Sex With Sue” 2006 – The BigO was named a “Top Pick” by famous sex therapist and talk show host Dr. Sue Johanson.

Multifunction Multistage Motor that Teases or Pleases – You Choose! – The BigO features both a single-stage and 9-stage multifunction motor letting you pick a steady buzz or teasing pulsation.

Multi-Stage Motor Pulses and Teases With 9 Pleasure Patterns – (more...)

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