OptiMALE So Smooth Shaving Cream

$ 26.32
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OptiMALE So Smooth Shaving Cream
Hygiene - Pampering.
Optimize your shaving experience for a close smooth shave everywhere every time! OptiMALE So Smooth Shaving Cream is chamomile-infused emollient-rich and luxuriously soothing - preventing irritation while slowing hair regrowth. Perfect for guys who want an easy long-lasting shave. Available in a 4oz. flip-top tube. Proudly Made in America.
  • So Smooth Shaving Cream
  • 4 oz. Flip-top Tube
  • Chamomile-infused
  • Soothes; Prevents Irritation
  • Slows Hair Regrowth
  • Offers Long-lasting Shave
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